Fuel Island Canopies are the cornerstone of Madison Industries. There is no other
company with more experience in this small facet of the petroleum marketing industry. We have been building fuel island canopies for 7 decades. Over that 70+ year period, we have ventured beyond the petroleum industry and applied our knowledge of canopy construction to satisfy the needs of all industries, with an emphasis on renewable energy, hospitality, commercial/public transportation, and carwashes.

Modular & Prefab Construction

Madison Industries a premier modular and prefab building manufacturer. Buildings are shop assembled to the fullest extent possible, limiting on site construction durations, and improving speed to market. There are no weather delays in our factory, and all aspects of production adhere to our strict quality control procedures. Contact a representative today to see how modular and/or prefab construction methods can be applied to your project.


Madison Industries has extensive experience in the design and production of heavy-duty structures and equipment serving the Petroleum, Natural Gas, Solar, and Power Storage industries. Temporary, mobile, or permanent, Madison Industries can build what you need.

Medical Facilities

Madison Industries is a leading provider of modular healthcare buildings. With in-house engineering, manufacturing, and installation teams we are able to offer a
comprehensive building experience with customized space solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Considering modular building components are typically over 90%
complete when they arrive at the job site, we are able to minimize the amount of work that needs to be performed onsite and reduce the impacts to existing operations.

Madison can produce modular building applications in an array of medical related
structures including dialysis centers, medical office buildings, emergency rooms,
operating rooms, diagnostic imaging facilities, labor and delivery buildings, MRI
buildings, PET/CT buildings, mental health facilities, and much more.

Car Washes

Madison Industries has built a wide range of car washes utilizing prefab construction, modular construction, or a hybrid of the two. If you’re looking for a simple in-bay automatic or if you have something more elaborate in mind, we can help. Our construction methods allow for improved brand image consistency, reduced construction timelines, and reduced onsite construction costs.

Guard Booths & Kiosks

Madison Industries produces a wide variety of guard booths, and kiosks for a number of industries, most notably the rental car industry. These small kiosks and more elaborate customer service booths typically have to fit in a parking structure with low clearances and narrow entries. Whether you need a simple guard shack, or something more high-end, Madison Industries can build what you need.

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