Company History

Madison Industries was founded in 1947 by John S. Frey, a true entrepreneur, starting as a one-man repair business serving the growing petroleum market industry. The company grew quickly due to Mr. Frey’s recognition that quality and service are always in demand. Madison expanded to Georgia in 1963, allowing it to produce efficiently from coast to coast. Madison’s reach expanded, as well as the sophistication of its designs, fabrication, and erection methods. The engineering and fabrication practices were developed to be second to none, and time would prove Madison had evolved to be the leader in pre-engineered metal structures for the retail petroleum and quick-serve restaurant industries. Madison realized that it could deliver value by modularizing structural components into transportable units. This innovation enabled the company to create precise elements in the factory’s quality-controlled environment. These elements could then be transported and assembled in the field, reducing the on sit construction time, saving both time and money. Beneficial byproducts of this innovation were improved quality, safer operations, and control over field construction costs.

Celebrating 75 Years

EST. 1947

Today Madison Industries produces a complete line of metal products and structures from simple studs to complete turnkey transportable rigid framed structures, including convenience stores, car washes, hospitals, dialysis clinics, and restaurants, to name a few. Madison Industries continues to lead the industry by constantly innovating and refining its products while keeping in mind that quality and service are always in demand.

Our commitment here at Madison Industries is to always provide the best products and services possible to our customers and in doing so, remain “The Symbol of Quality”

Notable Certification

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